For conservation and protection of wild plants, first of all it is necessary to be armed with the necessary materials. In this regard, seeds of Edible and Medicinal Wild Plants were gathered for growing in the pilot plot and household plots.

In August 2019 seeds of following wild plant species were collected:

  • Allium stipitatumitatium
  • Allium giganteum
  • Bunium persicum
  • Ferula violacea violacea
  • Rheum maximoviczii
  • Galagania fragrantissima

A part of collected materials were sowed in the Kulob Botanic Garden in the Autumn 2019. Collected seeds firstly were sowed in pots. Phenological study of selected EMWP started in early spring 2020 after appearing of seedlings. In the Spring 2020 when seedlings appeared they will be planted in the pilot plot for further Phenological study.
This study will allow to observe how wild plant species grow in cultural conditions and what is required for effective domestication of them.