On November 16, 2019 in Dashtijum  Jamoat of Sh. Shohin District a training was conducted on “Edible Wild Plants of Tajikistan and ways of their domestication”. In total 25 interested farmers, including 9 women farmers participated from villages of Dashtijum Jamoat. Likewise, on November 30, 2019 similar training was conducted in Ghesh village of Muminobod District. In general 26 farmers attended the training from Ghesh, Childukhtaron, Dehlolo and Lijaki Bolo villages. Out of them 11 participants were women-farmers. At the training, issues concerning economic, nutritious and medicinal importance of edible wild plants, their quantity, places of habitat, current situation and other related information on rare and endemic plants of Asian countries were discussed. In addition, information was provided about reasons of disappearing of mentioned plants and domestication experiences in the Kulob Botanic Garden over last several years.  After providing general information, domestication of EMWP in the Kulob Botanic Garden was presented in details. Presentation covered topics related to selection of suitable land for domestication, preparing of land for cultivation, preparing of seeds for sowing, cultivation period, growing and taking care of planted seeds depending of cultivation year, yielding ability of planted seeds in garden and in wild conditions. Each session was followed by questions and answers in working groups for a better understanding of the topic.